Chakra Cleansing

We are going to work with the 7 primary chakras, located along a central vertical axis at the front of the body beginning at the base of the spinal column or the tailbone, and moving upwards to the crown of our head. Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel or vortex”

They receive, transform and distribute vibrational energy, acting as an antenna to connect us with what is going on in our environment. Each one has it’s own unique function in the body, an associated gland, sensory function, element, gemstone, astrological function and sign, a dominating colour, sacred vowel, and bija mantra. We are going to work with  colour, the sacred vowels, music and vibrations to create resonance and balance throughout our system. 

When the chakra is open, the energy or prana flows easily. If there is a blockage in one area of the body-mind system, the energy becomes stagnant and your intentions are more difficult to actualize. We all know what happens when we get blocked up…

 As we go through our chakra toning exercise, envision energy flowing effortlessly up the base of the spine, through each of the seven energy centers and rising up through the top of your head. Picture the chakras as spinning balls of energy, and as we go through them, try to visualize each colour starting as a small spark then growing bigger and bigger.

Sit up straight and gently close your eyes. Place your hands wherever they feel comfortable, on your knees, in your lap, or even over the part of your body where the sound is resonating from. Sometimes this helps to focus your intention or to amplify the vibrations. 

Take a deep breath in, and let go completely..

 Allow your awareness to drift to the base of your spine.

Inline image 3

  4 -petaled lotus

 ( associated with the organs of elimination )  Smell …    Eartth…       Law of Karma…

Basic Principle :  The physical will of Being

The root chakra or the Muladhara in Sanskrit, is located at the base of your spine and is your physical connection to the world. It forms the vital foundation for all the higher chakras and is the source for the life force. It grounds you, gives you earthly stability, and the solid ground upon which we can construct our lives. When energy is flowing freely through this center you have confidence that you can meet your core needs effortlessly and without struggle, and it will be easy for you to achieve all your goals.

If your root chakra is blocked or unbalanced, you lack physical and emotional stamina. Many things worry you and you find it difficult to meet the demands of everyday life. Your thoughts and actions primarily revolve around material possessions and security. Life is more of a burden than a pleasure.

The color for this energy center is the deep red of the energy and activity welling up from the inner core of our earth.

The sacred vowel is UH (cup)          The bija mantra is LAM.

 So, placing your attention at the base of your spine, envision that spark of deep red getting bigger and bigger…

Take a deep breath in, and on the exhalation allow the resonating sound to vibrate through your body and out into the environment.

 Deep breath in …..        LAM  or  UH

Inline image 5

 6 petaled lotus

(associated with sexual energy, reproductive organs and the life force) Taste  – Water  Law of Least Effort

Basic Principle : Creative reproduction of Being

Now move your awareness to about 3 inches below your naval (belly button ) to your sacral chakra or Svadisthana. This is the center of unfiltered primordial emotions, where we tune into our sexual and creative energy in all of its aspects. When the sacral chakra is functioning harmoniously, you feel the stream of creative life energy flowing through you body, mind and soul.

.Everything is birthed from this chakra, whether it’s an idea, a relationship, a piece of art, or a way of looking at life…

In most cases, causes of blockages in this chakra can be traced back to childhood and puberty. The awakening sexual energies cause a state of uncertainty, and if your parents held back their own sexuality, you may have suppressed your feelings and blocked off your developing sexual energies completely.

The color of this second energy center is orange.

The sacred vowel is OOO  [ you]

The bija mantra is VAM.

As you put your attention in the location of this energy center, envision the color orange.

 Take a deep breath in, and on the exhalation allow the resonating sound to vibrate through your body and out into the environment. 

Deep breath in…VAM  or  OOO

Inline image 6

 10 petaled lotus

 (associated with digestion and digestive organs )   Sight    Fire    Law of Intention and Desire

Basic Principle : shape of Being

Allow your awareness to gently drift to the area a little above your navel. This is our  solar plexus or Monipura which represents our sun, our power center. Here we absorb the solar energy which nurtures, vitalizes and maintains us. The acceptance and integration of our emotions, desires and experiences help the third chakra to relax and open up, helping us to recognizing them as a necessary part of our development. You can respect yourself completely and also respect the feelings and character traits of others. 

When your third chakra is malfunctioning, you are driven by an inner restlessness and discontent, finding it difficult to let go of things and simply relax. You see obstacles everywhere, and when faced with a difficult situation, you feel nervous, queasy or uncertain. You would prefer to shut yourself off from all new challenges and experiences.

Imagine a golden yellow like the sun, shining out from this area. 

The sacred vowel is OH  [Go]

The mantra to clear and enliven the third chakra is RAM. 

 Deep breath in…        RAM  or  OH

Inline image 7

   12 petaled lotus

 ( associated with lungs and heart )    Touch      Air    Law of Giving and Receiving

Basic Principle : devotion, self abandon

Allowing our awareness now to drift up to the center of the chest, to our heart chakra or Anahata.  The heart chakra is the center of the entire chakra system; connecting the three lower physical and emotional centers to the three higher mental and spiritual centers.

In it’s pure and completely opened state, the heart chakra forms the center for the true unconditional love which exists only for it’s own sake and which therefore can neither be possessed nor lost.

Here we find the capability to give and receive life’s most precious commodities, our love, our forgiveness, our empathy and our compassion.  We feel a deep connection and a heartfelt sense of gratitude to everyone and for everything in your life. 

The energies of your heart can change the world around you, uniting, reconciling or even healing the people in your surroundings You radiate natural warmth, sincerity and happiness, opening the hearts of those around you, inspiring confidence and creating joy.

Inadequate functioning of the heart chakra makes you very vulnerable and dependent on the love and affection of others; though you are incapable of accepting the love that others want to give you. and unable to open yourself to receiving.  You treat other people equally in a impersonal matter without becoming genuinely nvolved with them.   Tenderness and softness embarress you.

Imagining a brilliant emerald green, a sparkling precious jewel, radiating out  in all directions from your chest; the vowel to awaken this chakra is  AH   [ Ma ]

The bija mantra is  YUM

Placing your hands on your chest will help you feel the vibration.

 Deep breath in…       YAM   or  MA

Inline image 8

 16 petaled lotus

 ( associated with the ears and vocal apparatus )    Hearing     Ether    Law of Detachment

Basic Principle : Resonance of Being

Allow your awareness to drift up to your throat chakra or Vishudda.  This is our center for expression, for speaking with our “true” voice, from the heart. When open and flowing you have the confidence to know you are capable of expressing your ideas, thoughts and emotions. You have a strong conviction to speak the truth even if it may be uncomfortable to some. You can also remain silent and listen to others with all your heart and understanding.Your speech is imaginative and colourful, yet communicates your intentions in the most effective way for achieving the fulfillment of your desires.

To feel you are alive and empowered it is important that this energy center is clear.

Insufficient functioning of the throat chakra hinders your ability to express yourself, and you get a lump in your throat if you do try and express your deeper thoughts and feelings. You don’t trust yourself and you are uncertain and afraid of other people’s judgement. 

The sacred vowel is EYE

The mantra to open the fifth center is HAM.

Place your attention in the location of your throat as you imagine a cooling, soothing sky blue and take a deep breath in….           HAM   or   EYE

Inline image 9  Inline image 11

 96 petaled lotus  [ 2 x 48 ]

 (associated with brain function, imagination, psychic abilities)        all senses 

Law of Dharma

Basic Principle : Knowledge of Being

Very gently allow your awareness to continue to drift up into the center of your forehead. This is our sixth chakra, or Ajna, our center for intuition, also known as our spiritual eye.

When this center is open and flowing, you have a deep sense of connection to your inner voice and are able to make accurate intuitive decisions. You have a clear sense of direction and clarity in everything you do and a vivid picture of where your life is headed. 

People around you are likely to rely on you for guidance and advice.

The opening of this chakra is often associated with a clear sense of connection with one’s dharma or purpose in life.

The vowel is AYE

The vibration is SHAM

Attention on your forehead, envisioning a deep midnight blue.

 Deep breath in…        SHAM   or   AYE  [say]

Inline image 10

(said to control every aspect of body and mind, and associated with full enlightenment and union with God)   Law of Pure Potentiality

And now allowing your awareness to gently drift to the top of your head to your crown chakra; your Sahaswara. This is the chakra of infinite possibilities. When your crown chakra is strong, you remember your infinite, unbounded nature, and feel connected to a higher power, be it God, Universal Consciousness, or simply your higher Self. You recognize that all others are a reflection of yourselfImagine a thousand petaled Lotus flower unfolding; and as it unfolds, the memory of your wholeness is restored. Others describe you as glowing.

The sound, the vibration for this energy center is the universal sound of creation…               OM  

The sacred vowel for the crown chakra is  EEE  [me]

So, with our awareness on the top of our heads, picture a brilliant white violet light radiating  out all around us.

Taking a nice deep breath in. …     OM   or   EEE

Now bring your palms hands together at your heart and take a few moments to receive the awakening and opening of your chakras, from the root chakra, to the second, to the solar plexus, to the heart, to the throat, to the third eye, up to the crown. From the red, to the orange, to the yellow, to the green, to the blue, to the purple, to the white. Just sit and surrender to and feel the energy flowing through and around your body.

Lets give thanks for this day, and close this meditation by chanting Om together three times. … OM   OM    OM

Now bring your hands up to your forehead bowing and acknowledging your body, mind and spirit.

Take a few minutes, slowly coming back to center and bringing your hands to heart, open your eyes.     


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