Sit With Me

The most important thing about meditation is to be comfortable. So find a comfortable position, sitting with your spine straight and your hands palms up on your laps, if that’s comfortable for you. If not make any necessary adjustments so that’s your sitting as comfortable as possible.

We have 60 to 80,000 thoughts a day that’s about the thoughts every 1.2 seconds. They come constantly, from the moment we awake to the moment we fall asleep. Every single moment every experience we have makes an impression in our mind, and so the thoughts continue to pour in all day long. Closing our eyes to meditate, we become aware of all of these thoughts. Thoughts after thoughts after thoughts, sometimes called monkey mind. That’s okay that lets us know we’re alive. So when you become aware that you’re having thoughts, instead of looking at them as an interruption or distraction, just notice them, as we do with clouds passing in the sky, and gently drift your awareness back to your breath or your mantra. We don’t get frustrated by trying to stop them, we just to use something else to place our awareness on so we can disconnect from them. We may also notice some physical sensation in our body or a sound in the environment around us….

And again we gently drift back to awareness of breath for whatever we’re using to disconnect with. This is meditation, the gentle drifting back and forth. And now I’m going to give you a word to think about. The word is strawberry. Just let your thoughts flow with what ever comes up around the word strawberry. [30 secs.] okay now stop. Think about all the places that one word lead to you. Did you think about jam? Maybe shortcake? Whipping cream? Gardening and picking strawberries? Strawberry fields forever? The beatles? Other kinds of music or musicians? Did that lead you to thinking about a memory involving music. Remember we have a thought every 1.2 seconds and that was about 30 seconds. That’s about 25 thoughts. And that was our meditation. Not an interruption or a distraction, but we actually embraced our thoughts. we know we aren’t our thoughts, we have thoughts. We have a thought and then a space and then another thought and another space…. This space of stillness, of silence, is sometimes called the gap. It is in this space this is gap, that the birth of the next thought comes from. This is the space of pure potentiality, of unlimited possibilities, that is why your next thought could be anything and the thought after that, anything. Thoughts weave a fabric of perception, but they are not who you are. You are the gap, that stillness and silence. You are the space between thoughts. And so rather than thinking of thoughts being invasive or distracting; when you have a thought, take a deep breath in, release it into the ether, and drift back into stillness and silence.